Thursday, February 9, 2012


I decided to focus on blogging. So in able to monitor my progress, I have to make a journal about it. And since blogging is also about making money, I decided to use this blog to record my daily activities. So my first agenda is to increase the traffic or the daily visitors of my blog. I read some blog that shared tips on how.... so now I have to try those tips and see if it really works on my blog.

I have been using the Entrecard widget in my blog. And Entrecard is a free blogging network that helps blogger to build traffic, get more readers, and network with other bloggers. You can only drop a maximum of 300 cards per day, and I will try to drop 300 today and see if how many will drop back on my blog tomorrow.


My daily increasing blog traffic activities:

1. Entrecard dropping - 300 drops

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