Friday, February 10, 2012


After working with entrecard yesterday, here is my report on my blog visitor yesterday:

Entrecard site has a problem today so I was not able to finish my daily 300 drops. Well, I will not expect that my blog visitor will increase tomorrow but now I have added another way to increase my blog traffic though blogwalking. Visiting other blogs will earn me a visit from the owner of the blog that I have visited. But of course I have to let them know that I came, by leaving a comment on their post or leave a message in their chat box.


My daily increasing blog traffic activities:

1. Entrecard dropping - 207 drops

2. Blogwalking

1 comment:

Dave Lucas said...

YoOu'll get more traffic via social media and writing great posts - Don't put all your eggs in the "Entrecard" basket! No Minimum Payout